BIEN DUC provides information and technical documents related to the field of quality measurement standards and conformity assessment as required by organizations, businesses and individuals

The documents provided include:

  • Vietnamese standards (TCVN)

  • National technical regulations (QCVN)

  • Foreign standards: JIS, GOST, BS, IS, AS, DIN, NF, ANSI, KS …
  • International standards: ISO, IEC, CODEX, OIML…
  • Standards of specialized associations: ASTM, AOAC, AOCS, APHA, ASME, API, AWS, …
  • Other specialized journals or documents.

When there is a need, please fill in the information

– STANDARD REGISTRATION FORM (When you need to buy materials)

– REGISTRATION FORM FOR NEW DOCUMENT NOTICE (When you need to receive notification of new material updates)

And send to: BIEN DUC Library Room

Address: 781/13 / 3A Lac Long Quan, Ward 10, Tan Binh District

Hotline: 08 39 75 62 60 – 0911 53 11 38



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