Center for Quality Productivity is a unit under BIEN DUC specialized in providing technical training services, systems and management tools and solutions to improve productivity – quality of products and services.

The capacity and experience accumulated over many years provide training and provide quality productivity solutions along with a team of lecturers and experienced collaborators who are well-trained in the field. Quality measurement standards.

The Center for Productivity Training and Solution Services has the following characteristics:

  • Training techniques, consistent, professional and always updated.
  • Training programs and instructions are tailored to each client’s specific characteristics.
  • Lecturers and instructors have professional qualifications suitable for training and guidance.

  • Training to apply, maintain and improve management systems, tools to improve productivity – quality flexible, effective and directional integration with other management systems available by organizations and businesses .
  • Training and guidance are closely linked to practice, on the basis of solving real-life situations to help students improve their applicability in practice.


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